Monday, December 30, 2013

Why I Like to Write about People.

In 1963 I started my nursing training in Mount Gambier, in the south east of South Australia.  I had decided on the spur of  the moment to be a nurse - I had wanted to be a teacher, but "getting a job" seemed to be more important than anything else, so I had a few jobs and was in fact working for a doctor when I decided suddenly to be a student nurse.

It was an amazing three years and three months - so much growing up to do, so much learning, so much fun.  It was the time that something happened that impacted so much on me - a conversation with an elderly lady who was infamous within the hospital for throwing her faeces around the room around 4 pm each day! 

But it was another story about her that fascinated me - she claimed to have been a prostitute and named someone rather famous who had been one of her clients.  I was naïve and shocked and at the same time fascinated.  As we talked (and I didn't have to dodge flying poo on this occasion, she told me more of her story, which I confess I have scant recollection about now - some fifty plus years later.

I do recall saying to her - someone should write your story.  I was fascinated.  Sadly I don't think anyone did - but it was the first time that I recall being interested in life stories.  Many years later it is something that I am passionate about and intend to spend the next few years of my life inspiring others to write,  and to tell their story.

And so, as the year 2014 I look forward to promoting my business - The Official Biographer. 

When I talk with folk about writing their life story I get a number of reactions - often it is "My story?  I have had a boring life"  or "No one would be interested in reading my story" or "It is too hard."  Believe me, most people do have some interesting stories to tell - and if nothing else it could be a record for their children, or their grandchildren or whoever follows.

I like to help people write their own stories - or I am happy to do it for them for a fee.  But I like to talk first about "mini- biographies" - somewhere between 5000 and 10000 words to start.  That seems manageable.  For them and for me.

So, this blog is to record not their stories, though, with permission I may include some short pieces, but to encourage folk to start the process for themselves. 


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