Sunday, January 26, 2014

Write your Own Eulogy?

I came across his quite by accident today (January 25th) and couldn't help but link to it.  It fits my proposition that we should all write our own life story and advanced obituary, but this guy who was in the position of facing his impending death, that he made a video which was played at his funeral/memorial service.

It will take a few minutes to read it here.

This video is supposedly "the best eulogy ever."   What do you think?


The following is a 12 minute video which gives advice on how to give a eulogy at a funeral.  If anyone has the task of writing one for a loved one - it is wonderful easy to comprehend instructions.



Personally, I like the idea of writing/filming one's own story for a funeral - but I guess you really need a little warning about your impending demise.  However, to call it a "eulogy" can be confusing as the definition of a eulogy is "
a speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something highly, especially a tribute to someone who has just died.To me a eulogy is best presented by someone who knew the deceased well, and is prepared to speak in high praise or tribute to him/her.


I can feel a video  coming on.......



Francene Stanley said...

I wouldn't write my own eulogy. It seems conceited and unnecessary. Anyway, I don't anticipate anyone attending my funeral. This is what happens when one lives longer than one's peers.
Excellent subject for your blog though. Visiting from UBC.

Sophie Bowns said...

I find this idea quite bizarre. Hmm.... I'm not sure!

Di Hill said...

Hi Francene - certainly I wouldn't do a eulogy for myself - but I have written a 1500 page story of my life. It is an interesting topic though and I am surprised by what I learned. Thank you for commenting.

Di Hill said...

Hi Sophie - thank you for commenting. It is fun to talk about though.