Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Don't Forget the Music

Almost everyone has a story about Music in their lives.  It may be that your subject learned/played an instrument, sang, or had some other connection with music.  It may be a key part of your subject's story.


My family laugh at my efforts at music, especially singing - but with three talented singers in the family there was just not enough singing-genes to go around, so my talents lie elsewhere.
But I do have some stories about Music and Me. 
  1. One that came to mind when I accidentally found the above video on YouTube.  When I was nursing in Mount Gambier in South Australia in the early 1960's, Miss Winifred Atwell played at the Odeon Theatre - and I was one of the enthralled members of the audience.
  2. In 2008 in China on International Women's Day we had a full day of tours, speeches, and performances and much later a wonderful banquet, but the last performance was a group of Chinese dancers who invited members of the audience to join them in their dance at the end.  No one would do it.  I certainly didn't want to - as I was not dressed for dancing - jeans, heavy coat, sneakers etc, but in the end, as no one else would, I did so.  I couldn't manage the steps so "invented" my own - much to the amusement of all present, and huge embarrassment for me.  However, the best was to come!  Apparently it appeared on television that night!!  And the MC -a Chinese government official who I was later to meet on a regular basis for a short time, always wrote to me "Dear Blonde Disco Dancer......."
  3. In 2010 for International Women's Day, and again in China one of my friends and I were invited to perform. How funny - we made it to the stage and sang "I am Australian".
I love classical music and jazz.  Oh, how I love Duke Ellington, Dave Brubeck and many more.  I still have my collection of LP's from the 60's!!!
I am including a list of 5 - 10 of my favourite pieces of music in my story - and hope that if there is a memorial service for me that some of them will be played.

So, when you are writing about someone, don't forget the music.


peter petterson said...

Some great memories there Blondie.

Priya Shiva said...

Lovely brought back so many memories and can't help but smile thinking about it :)

Barbara Bianchi said...

I always enjoy reading a story that includes music and especially song lyrics. I don't always know the authors intended melody, but it's fun to try and sing the words.
You're right, music is essential to everyone's story.

Anna Jeanine said...

LOVE music! Recently, I had to rent a car while my car was in the shop, and the rental car had Sirius radio stations. My son and I loved them!! My favorite station was the 70s one (that's my music era) but we tried out quite a few for variety.

Di Hill said...

Thank you Priya, Anna, Barbara and Peter for your comments.

~♥.Perfectly.Imperfect.Diva.♥~ said...

I love your memories and associations with music #remembering