Monday, January 13, 2014

Can you write 1500 words about your life?

“Always live your life with your biography in mind.”
Marisha Pessl, Special Topics in Calamity Physics

Quote from Good Reads

I remember a few years ago conducting a workshop, at rather short notice, when I spoke about the value of writing one's own life story and obituary, and in the time that we had remaining I asked those present to write their own obituary.  I was greeted with a range of strange facial expressions, and most went on to do the exercise. 

I had explained the difference between a death notice, funeral notice and obituary, but I do recall one of those present created her own death notice which was rather freaky.

A number of years ago I set out to create my own obit, but to be honest I didn't finish it and it is somewhere in a host of back up files or in an old computer, but I am "getting on" as they say, and decided, especially as I am trying to encourage others to write their own life story or advanced obituary, decided to do my own. 

Now I know lot of people seem to think it is rather freaky - but in reality I wrote 1300 words about me.  Some things no one else would have written - even if they do know me.  And if it is to be my obituary - the last paragraph has to remain undone until I do "pass on", for it will say that I died on a certain date, perhaps the cause of death, and what family members "survived" me.

It doesn't feel like doom is pending, and I had a lot of fun doing it.  I have chosen not to share it with anyone, and will load it on a CD, with some other material, including all my passwords, bank account details, my last will and testament, and other instructions - for I know I will not live forever, and there is certain satisfaction in knowing that I have completed all these documents, which I will put in a sealed envelope to be opened on my demise - be it death, or near death.  There will be some surprises too!  My lips are sealed.

Just before Christmas I was aghast to see a death notice of someone with the same name as me.  It shocked me - and I was quite "rattled" for a few hours.  I had not known the person, but felt that some people might have read it and thought it was me, especially as I had spent some months living in the same suburb, so I went on Facebook I reported that I was still alive and well!

Can you write your life story in around 1500 words?

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Priya Shiva said...

Interesting..I've been thinking for sometime now to start another blog with stories (my personal experiences)..Maybe soon..

Anonymous said...

i never tried to write, but for sure i can try. this is a nice initiative.

Di Hill said...

Thank you Priya and amarnaik for your comments.