Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fake Memoirs

There is quite a list of  "fake memoirs" - actually fiction, but sold to publishers and the public as "Memoir" and there is always quite a lot of publicity after the book is published.

I remember  reading one - "Forbidden Love" written by Norma Khouri who was living at the time in Queensland, Australia and it received a lot of publicity here.  According to Wikipedia, it was a Sydney journalist who revealed that Norma was not living in Jordan at the time she is reported to have been in writing the story.  The book became a best seller

I bought the book and enjoyed it - it was indeed a good read, but when it was revealed that it was a "fake memoir" the publishing company offered to refund everyone who bought the book.  I kept my copy, though somehow it is lost.  I haven't found it yet in the boxes of my papers and memorabilia I have retrieved from my family home after my marriage breakup.

There is a wonderful article about her, which was in The Age Newspaper, which records details of Norma's apparently troubled life.   At the time her book was published she was living on Bribie Island, the island not far from where I live.  Bribie Island is in Moreton Bay.

The following is a trailer on a documentary about Norma Khouri - again interesting.


There is more here in this YouTube Video.

Fake Memoirs or "literary forgeries"  are not uncommon - you can find quite a list of recent ones listed here on Wikipedia.

As a reader, do you mind if the good story is "literary forgery" - please respond in the poll to the right.



Nabanita said...

No I don't think it matters to me as long as I enjoy reading it !

Voted on the poll not sure if it's reflecting though..

Priya Shiva said...

How true but it really doesn't matter much to me whether its fake till the time I find it interesting...Love your blog!

Candess M. Campbell PhD said...

It is interesting isn't it, how we think because it is published, it is true. I am writing a memoir, but I am going to publish it as a novel. That way I don't have to worry about remembering all the details and also remembering everything the same way others did. This was a great blog!