Monday, January 27, 2014

Make a Book

Why not create a book about your parents' life?  Or the life of someone special.  Technology has changed printing so much that it is possible to create a hard copy book with text and colour photos for little cost.

There are so many organisations now that will do it - and you should be able to purchase a small number at reasonable price.

Have a look at the various online options.  There are many - but I suggest that first of all you create the text you want and choose a range of photos.   I am familiar with Blurb - but confess I have not done one yet.  I actually have one almost ready to print.   Snapfish is another program that you can use.  Have a look and check the costs.

This is an ideal way to create that special book for a anniversary or special event.  

You can use text, photos, artwork - whatever you wish. 


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