Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Photographs - Beware of Copyright!

I moved into my new home seven months ago, but only a few days ago did some furniture arrive for me, which I had been long hanging out for.  It is a book shelf that my daughter has been using - and it was quite an effort for her husband to bring it and my fern house the 45 kms to my place on a trailer on the back of their car.

Last night I completed the task of filling the bookshelves - and now it stands with all those items that had been languishing in boxes in my spare room.  I am keen to get the room emptied as I have house guests coming soon, and need both bedrooms.

My house looks like I have had a burglar through it - but hopefully by this afternoon I will have it completed.

Two of my huge boxes contained photos and photo albums and I have quite a task ahead of me to sort them out - and discard many photos that are of no interest/value to me any more.  I was going to write about photos today anyway, but an article on BlogHer interested me very much - and it is on the topic of photographs and copyright.  It is a particular risky area for those of us who write life stories as we cannot always know who took the photos, especially of our clients. 

I am fortunate as I am and have been a "camera addict" and use most of my own photos.  If you are using photos that do not belong to you, that you have not taken, you must beware!!!

If you are  putting these photos in a book, for publication, it would be wise to discuss with the "owner" of the photographs, who took the photographs and if possible get the person who owned/took the photo to sign a declaration, with witness signature, that he/she is happy for you to use the photographs for the purpose indicated.  (There are legal wordings that you might use - so discuss this with someone with legal expertise).

In this article on BlogHer the writer explains the trouble that one blogger got into - and the expense for happily using any images from the internet. 

This is another good reason for writing on the back of any photographs not only the detail  (who, where, when) but who took the photograph.  Most commercial photographs are printed on the back with the photographer's studio details.  You must endeavour to track them down, even if it is a long time since the photo was taken.


This photo I took myself in a bamboo property near Kenilworth in Queensland - my good friend Bev holds the cat.  I should also ask her if it is ok if I use her photo in a public arena, but I know she knows I do this and it is ok with her!

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