Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Short Bio

There are many occasions where someone needs to have a “short bio” – perhaps you want to impress a prospective client or applying for funding or a position where the bare bones of a resume or curriculum vitae just don’t do it well enough.  It is a sales pitch about you!!!

A good bio will tell the reader who you are, and in the third person, state why you, your business, or your talents should be considered.  Be hontest.  Do not use information that can be proven to be false!

Make sure your name is clear, and at the end of your “pitch” put your contact details – all on the same page.  It should be no longer than 250 words and all positive with reference to your special skills or achievements.

Make it a little different.  Imagine you are the reader of a collection of bio’s and trying to use them to assist in making a decision about the best person for the job.  Make your bio stand out – perhaps in a subtle way.  If you can add a little (appropriate) humour it may well be what stands out to make the reader remember YOU!

I could write a whole page about it – but rather than write it all out – may I direct readers to a website which has the information.  Click here.

When you have done it – check for any typo or other errors, and then ask a friend or two to read it.  You might get additional suggestions from someone who knows you and knows your talents.

 An article by Jorgen Sundberg offers additional information. Click here.

 Another tip which might be helpful is to be able to say in a short sentence enough about what you do, or want to do, to impress the listener who may want to know more about you. In networking lingo we call it the “elevator speech” – imagine you are in an elevator and someone asks you what you do.  Can you put into a sentence enough words to impress?  This does take some practice, but it is well worth being proficient at this skill.  You will hear it referred to as "elevator pitch or elevator speech".
This article also may be helpful.  Click here

It is in a sense a micro-bio!


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